What this book will teach you
New and exciting solutions for those who suffer fears, anxieties, depression, insomnia, weight gain/ loss and relationship stresses at home and elsewhere. By learning what causes our fear, anxiety, and seeming inability to experience the lives we want, we are able to step back and become ‘the observer’ of our experiences rather than the victims of them...
B.E.A.T. your Fears & Anxiety with Dr. Mitchell Mays’ 4 steps:
  • Breathe: Take deep breaths and remove yourself from the situation.
  • Eat: Eat something (preferably protein). This will help you reset your brain.
  • Assess Your Emotional State: Learn to want to feel better. Thoughts can and do become things.
  • Take Action: Change your physiology. Get up, move around, take a nap. Change your surroundings.
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